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My inner most thoughts and dreams. Uninspired, untouched, and uncensored.

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Different Minds. Different Kinds.

    If you’ve read any of my other blog posts already, then you’d know I have autism. If you haven’t, then you do now! Autism is considered a psychological disorder of the neurological/behavioral realm. What that basically means is that our minds work differently… Read More

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Why Gay Rights?

As someone who happens to be gay himself, I obviously have a good reason to want my rights respected and recognized. But let’s go back to you. You may not happen to be gay (it’s cool if you are) but why don’t you imagine a… Read More

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My Personal Rebirth

After much thought, I decided to use this site again since I already had my established username as a part of it. Back when I first created this site, I was a feeble-minded 13 year-old who only cared about Pokemon who slowly gained the voice… Read More